'Super-Gran’ saves pregnant woman from landslide
By Zhang Meng

2016-10-04 11:43 GMT+8

Move over Superman China has a new superhero and it is a 72-year-old woman from east China.  
A pregnant woman was dramatically saved by a pensioner when a landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall in a village near Lishui city, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province recently. Dozens of houses were buried in the landslide but luckily one pregnant woman’s life was saved by the actions of a brave older woman who stepped forward grabbing her arm and successfully stopped her from drowning as they waited for a rescue team to arrive.
Zhan, who is 7 months pregnant, was having dinner with her family when disaster struck. The other family members were carried away by a flood but Zhan was saved by a fellow villager – Lin Juxiang, a 72-year-old woman, who grabbed her arm!
The “Super-Gran” risked her life holding onto Zhan for some time as they waited for a rescue team to arrive. By the time the rescue team did arrive both Lin and Zhan were sinking and were up to their necks in the muddy water.
After being sent to the local hospital, the medical teams checked both women as well as the unborn fetus. Zhan experienced some contractions and an unstable fetal heartbeat but everyone is now in a stable condition.
“I desperately held her at that time and I will choose to do it as long as I can breathe,” said Super-Gran Lin from her sickbed.
Netizens across China have posted their well wishes for the two women and congratulated Lin for her bravery and positive energy. 
It's been days after the catastrophic landslide in Lishui buried a village on late Wednesday afternoon. As of Sunday, eight people are confirmed dead, and 19 remain missing.