How well do Chinese know their history?
By Yao Nian

2016-10-02 20:00 GMT+8

Take a look at these pictures. Do they seem familiar to you?
Do you still remember the story of the “Old Ammo Chief”?
Does “The Golden Fishhook” ring any bells?
And can you recite Chairman Mao’s “The Long March” poem?
Here's a cheat sheet: "The Red Army fears not the trials of the Long March; holding light over ten thousand crags and torrents. The Five Ridges wind like gentle ripples; and the majestic Mount Wumeng rolls by, just like a ball of mud. Warm are the steep cliffs lapped by the waters of the Jinsha River; cold are the iron chains spanning the Dadu River. Seeing the thousand miles of snow on Min Mountain joyously crossed; members of the Red Army trod through with each face glowing."
How much are you acquainted with the Long March?
This October marks the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March, one of greatest military feats in the history of human warfare, which was carried out by the Red Army, the predecessor of today’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), between October 1934 and October 1936.
80 years on, how much do Chinese people still retain from this historic event, which has inspired television productions, books, exhibitions throughout the times, and even lent its name to China’s most famous rocket family? CCTVNEWS roamed the streets of Beijing quizzing people about their knowledge of the Long March.