Hi 2017! Are you ready for a new start?
By Li Yezi

2017-01-24 14:58 GMT+8

"Today, people all around the world are getting ready for the carnival that comes with New Year’s Eve. Would you prefer a firework show, a countdown in the crowd, or a feast with your loved ones?"
The New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball has been installed high above the ground, and has been ready since Tuesday. The giant ball was assembled using 2,688 brand new sparkling Waterford crystal triangle pieces. It weighs over 5,386 kilograms (11,875 pounds) with a diameter of over 3.65 meters (12 feet). It indeed showcases the sentiment of “Gift of Kindness”, which is the theme.
In Brazil, local Commercial Association members in Sao Paulo released thousands of biodegradable colored balloons on Friday. In Brazil and other Latin American countries, green means health, red means romance, yellow means success, and white means peace. 
In Australia, the world’s only residential apartment ship, “The World” has been berthed ready near the Opera House in Sydney Harbor on Friday. The ship has 165 private residences that allow families enjoy the exclusive view of the firework display on New Year’s Eve.
In Russia, illumination will become the major decoration for New Year’s Eve, as streets in St. Petersburg are all lit up bright enough to ignite the freezing cold nights. A multimedia light show was held on Tuesday night at the front of the General Staff Building in St. Petersburg.
In Nishinomiya, Japan, around one hundred part-time “miko,” or Shinto priestess are preparing for the shrine’s New Year Shinto events. The Nishinomiya Shrine is the head shrine of the sect that worships “Ebisu,” the Japanese god of wealth and fortune. Each New Year, over a million visitors arrive at the site.
Colorful pants are key factors for New Year’s Eve, according to people from countries along the Equator in Latin America.  In Medellin, Colombia, the retail market was hit by yellow waves. People from Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and other nearby countries believe yellow underwear can bring prosperity and good luck. 
In Kathmandu, Nepal, people from the ethnic Gurung community wore traditional attire, danced in a parade on Friday to mark their New Year - Sonam Losar. Tamu, the indigenous Gurungs, are celebrating the year of the bird, just like the Chinese community is long awaiting their celebration of the Year of the Rooster at the end of January 2017.
Finally, in China, ahead of the lunar calendar’s zodiac New Year, people celebrate the solar calendar New Year’s Eve all around the country in colorful ways! This picture was taken in east China’s Shandong Province on Friday, where students used LED bars to “paint” 2017 via long exposure.
"Where will you be welcoming the New Year? Remember to share with us what you are going to see and how you will celebrate!"