David by Michelangelo to exhibit in China for the first time
By Li Yezi

2016-12-27 21:50 GMT+8

Shanghai is giving admirers of the inspirational and talented Italian artist Michelangelo their first chance to locally sample his work and revel in his artistry up-close. The Shanghai Modern Art Museum is collaborating with Casa Buonarroti Museum in Florence, Italy to host a tribute exhibition in honor of one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period.
1:1 replica statue of David by Michelangelo at the “The Divine Michelangelo”. 
1:1 replica statue of Pietà by Michelangelo at “The Divine Michelangelo” .
“The Divine Michelangelo” will feature the artistic career of the sculptor, painter and architect who has enjoyed a unique standing through generations. 
Manuscript on display at “The Divine Michelangelo” .
A staff tends to a manuscript at “The Divine Michelangelo”. 
The exhibit, curated by Italian muralist Antonio de Vito, showcases artwork worth 300 million yuan (43.17 million US dollars) and includes 15 manuscripts, life-size replicas of Pietà and David, two masterpieces of Michelangelo before he reached the age of thirty, as well as two hand scripts by contemporaneous artists.
Panorama of the exhibition.
The event will run from December 28 through March 20.
Panorama of the exhibition.