Next generation VR headset set for launch at Consumer Electronics Show
By Zhang Ruijun

2017-01-06 15:32 GMT+8

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A leading China-based developer of virtual reality (VR) products, Deepoon VR, will showcase its next-generation PC headset at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's leading technology exhibition, currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.
CES has always served as a platform where major technology companies worldwide display and release new products and visitors are often surprised by the various innovative exhibits no matter how knowledgeable and informed they may be.  
A woman plays a video game with the Oculus Rift VR headset at the mk2 VR, a place dedicated to virtual reality in Paris, France, December 5, 2016. /CFP Photo 
As a result of its high quality and reputation, Deepoon VR's E2 has been dominating the offline PC headset market since its launch. Deepoon, a Chinese VR company which is renowned for its pursuit of excellence, is likely to release its next-generation PC headset E3 at CES 2017 as the timing would be right given the product cycle. 
At both the Kai Ying VRonline Press Conference and the Deepoon Connect Developers Conference held in early December 2016, Deepoon VR CEO Chen Chaoyang revealed that E3 will probably make its world debut at the exhibition. 
This file photo shows a man wearing headphones and VR glasses to watch films at the Virtual Reality cinema in Amsterdam, on March 2, 2016./‍CFP Photo  
Deepoon VR's next-generation, slimmer-designed, lighter PC headset E3 will exert no pressure on the wearer's head. The headset will come equipped with E-Polaris positioning interactive technology, delivering a spacious, multi-player, virtual interactive experience. 
The solution will dramatically expand the playability of both VR games and physical VR experience halls. Chen indicated that the E3 is expected to outperform the best PC headsets currently available in the market when it comes to appearance, quality and technological performance. 
(Source: CRI )