5G to broaden application fields for big data technology
Updated 07:55, 28-May-2019
The combination of 5G and big data is being highlighted at the ongoing China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019 in Guiyang City, southwest China's Guizhou Province, displaying a wide range of big data applications and technologies.
5G technology possesses characteristics of high bandwidth, low latency and strong compatibility, which can help ease and save people's lives.
For instance, a bus safety warning system under the coverage of a 5G network can monitor the status of the driver in real time. If the driver dozes off, or answers the phone unsafely, the system can issue an alert. In addition, passengers will be able to pay for their travel through a facial recognition payment system.
"We can upload the passenger's picture to the cloud platform in real time, and make a comparison (on the big data platform), then payment can be done if the information matches. The delay of the process is only 10 milliseconds, which cannot be achieved by a 4G network," said Zhang Jirong, an exhibitor.
In the industrial field, 5G networks and big data platforms can connect many devices in the same area, so that various types of information can be transmitted and shared for data analysis and system management, thereby greatly reducing labor costs, improving work efficiency and production precision.
Professionals believe that in the future, 5G technology will be widely used in many aspects of production and life. 5G will be the answer to many tech applications that 4G technology is unable to satisfy, such as automatic driving, mobile medical treatment and remote operation of complex mechanical equipment.
The four-day expo opened on Sunday, focusing on the latest applications and innovations using big data technology. The expo has attracted more than 2,000 participants and 448 enterprises from 59 countries and regions.
(Source: CCTV+)