Meet 'A Pu,' the cute cartoon representing giant pandas

The giant pandas, China's national treasure, have a new global mascot. Its name is "A Pu" and the cartoon is as cute as the black and white bears themselves.

"A Pu" is the winner of the China Giant Panda Global Image Design Competition, which concluded on Wednesday. The design beat 2,023 entries from 22 countries.

The global contest was hosted by the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda and the China Intercontinental Communication Center, under the guidance of the State Council Information Office of China and the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

Meet "A Pu," the global emblem of giant pandas. /CMG Photo

Meet "A Pu," the global emblem of giant pandas. /CMG Photo

"A Pu" is a rosy-cheeked table tennis-loving young male panda, who is about to go to college. The black patches around its eyes are shaped like a sideways heart to represent the idea of love. It was created by Wang Tianshi, a Beijing-based artist.

The cute emblem will be featured on creative products, TV and films. It will also be used in international exchanges and activities to promote Chinese culture on the global stage.

"A Pu" represents the new generation of Chinese youths who are more connected to the international community. It shows their characteristics – energetic, positive, confident, and willing to share.