Chinese animated features receive warm response at Annecy International Film Festival
Updated 10:33, 20-Jul-2019
By Yu Fengsheng, Ding Siyue

China has been making great strides in recent years in animation. Nowhere was this more apparent than at a special festival in France this week, where more than a dozen Chinese productions received a very warm response. 

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is one of the biggest in the industry every year.

A total of 13 Chinese animations were introduced by the China Media Group on Wednesday, including the "New Happy Dad and Son" series, "Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix" and "Legend of the Silk Road: Zhang Qian the Envoy."

Many of them are based on Chinese folk tales and historical figures, which helps viewers learn more about China's history and culture.

"These Chinese animations have a high quality and are fit for broadcasting on French TV channels. I think they will perform well in the French market and will be loved by the local viewers," said Stephane Martinet, director of an international film promoting committee.

"My favorite one is the 'Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix' because I love the art style of it. It was like the ink painting, and for me it is interesting... Also the 'Legend of the Silk Road', that was really interesting for me because I just love to see something else outside Europe and America, because we are so exposed [to their productions] all the time, and finally to see something new, that was really interesting to me," said one viewer.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival began on Monday with thousands of industry professionals from all around the world in attendance.