Live: Who will be the next deer king?

In June, the mating calls of stags start to echo in the Yellow Sea wetlands. Milu deer, also named Père David’s deer, is native to China. Unlike other deer that dwell in forests, milu deer inhabit the marshland area. This legendary animal once went extinct in its homeland and was successfully re-introduced in the 1980s. Now, China is the only place where wild milu deer live and breed. The Dafeng Milu Deer National Nature Reserve in Yancheng City, east China’s Jiangsu Province is home to the largest group of wild milu deer in the world, with a number of around 1000. In this livestreaming, we are going to see the milu deer living in the wild for the first time and how the stags fight for the role of deer king.


Photo by Yang Guomei