Golden Goblet Awards include home and foreign indie productions
By Shen Li

The Golden Goblet Awards are arguably the highlight of the ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival. This year, three Chinese productions are among the 15 vying for the top prizes. 

The nominations included a dozen films from all around the world.

Apart from the three Chinese films, such as "The Return" directed by Qin Hailu, "Spring Tide" by Yang Lina and "Vortex" by Jacky Gan, there are also entries from Japan, India and Brazil.

Poster for nominated movie "The Return." /Poster via

Poster for nominated movie "The Return." /Poster via

Among them is actor-turned-director Gael García Bernal's "Chicuarotes," which details the struggle two teenagers went through to escape oppression, but end up unexpectedly falling into the clandestine criminal world of Mexico City. 

The film first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, but the director said he was keen to get the impressions of a Chinese audience.

Bernal, said: "Very honored that my film got nominated at this year's Golden Goblet Award. It's a great platform to showcase films from all language communities. The film 'Chicuarotes' is like a fable, no matter how you try to fight it, something is destined to happen. You can't escape from it." 

Poster for nominated movie "Inhale-Exhale." /Poster via

Poster for nominated movie "Inhale-Exhale." /Poster via

The jury includes industry professionals from around the world. 

Among them is Nicolás Celis, producer of "Roma" which scooped the prestigious Golden Lion at the 75th Venice Film Festival. 

The results will be announced during Saturday night's closing ceremony at the Shanghai Grand Theater.