G20 Vlog Ep1: CGTN team off to Japan for G20 Osaka summit
Updated 17:22, 22-Jun-2019

With less than one week to go, this year's G20 Summit will take place on June 28 and 29 in the Japanese port city of Osaka, marking the first ever gathering for the leaders of the G20 in Japan.

CGTN's reporting team has departed from Beijing to Osaka for the coverage of this annual event. Reporter Zheng Yibing took a quiz on some essential questions about the G20 to test his summit knowledge, and did well.

What is the G20? When was it founded? What is on this year's agenda? Starting with these questions, CGTN sets out to provide the full story of this important event.

Story writing: Liu Yuyao

Video editing: Gao Yue