Silent Wisdom: The gifted architect, the rainforest cleaner
Updated 15:21, 22-Jun-2019
By Zhang Hao

Termites are dubbed as talented architects because of their shockingly delicate nest-building skills.

Their resemblance to ants can lead to confusion, but the two are not even in the same order. 

Apart from their state-of-the-art skills in building, termites play a vital role in removing waste material in an ecosystem such as dead wood or plants, as they mainly feed on decomposed plants.

World Rainforest Day

Today is the third World Rainforest Day, CGTN Nature presents the collection of previous episodes in our documentary, "Silent Wisdom," which was filmed in the Xishuangbanna rainforest in Yunnan Province, China, to remind you of the importance of rainforests in maintaining the health of our planet, as well as the urgency to protect the rainforest from further shrinking.

Silent Wisdom: Symbiosis masterpiece


Silent Wisdom: A forest in a forest


Silent Wisdom: Born beauty


Silent Wisdom: Hanging gardens


(Video filmed and edited by Wang Yilin and Zhang Hao.)

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