Stranded dolphin rescued in S China's Hainan Province

Earlier this week, an injured dolphin was found stranded in the shallow waters near a hotel on the island of Sanya. Locals and officials from the marine protection center helped rescue the stranded dolphin, which is now being held at the protection center temporarily.

The heavy dolphin, with a weight of about 125 kilograms and measuring two meters, is not the first to be stranded in shallow waters in Hainan. Each year, there are several dolphins, and sometimes whales, that are found stranded along the beach of this island province. 

Dolphins and whales are more likely to be stranded due to the the confusing effect of shallow and sloping shores made of soft sediment. They can confuse the "echolocation" used by whales and dolphins.

(Cover image shows a Sanya local helping a stranded dolphin via VCG.)

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