Isle of birds, an isolated wonderland
Updated 09:00, 26-Jun-2019

Changdao County, located at the north end of China's Shandong Province, is known for a row of islands called the Long Islands. There are 151 islands but only ten are inhabited by a few locals. As a result, the area is home to an abundance of wildlife.

Two of the famous islands, Cheyou Island and Gaoshan Island, have hundreds of thousands of birds. So the locals name them the "Island of all birds."

Marine species like barracudas can also be seen swimming between the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, while sharp-eyed visitors can track signs of coastal erosion in the rocky outcrops.  

CGTN Nature's documentary crew sent back these stunning images, so take a look!

(Video and cover image provided by CGTN Nature film crew)

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