China, UN to work together to promote multilateralism
Updated 23:38, 28-Jun-2019

China has always supported multilateralism and supported the UN to play an active role in international affairs, Chinese President Xi Jinping said while he was meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Osaka, Japan, on Friday.

Xi said China has always stood for peace and opposed war. He called for all parties to maintain calm and restraint, strengthen dialogue and consultation and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability in the current international environment which is becoming increasingly complicated with rising turmoil, especially in the Gulf region. 

The G20 Summit in Osaka should fully consider the needs for global development and deliver correct signals to the world, Xi said, adding that China is ready to promote positive results of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019.

Guterres, on behalf of the UN, expressed appreciation toward China's long-standing support and thought highly of China's contribution to promoting the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue, tackling climate change, and promoting sustainable development.

China's Belt and Road Initiative is important for promoting global development, especially for Africa, he said. The UN hopes that China will exert more leadership in international affairs and the organization stands ready to work with China to make multilateralism the mainstream of the international community.