Sister of the world's only panda triplets expects baby in fall
By He Weiwei

Meng Meng, the elder sister of the world's only giant panda triplets, is pregnant and expected to give birth to her baby in mid-September, Guangzhou's Chimelong Safari Park announced not long ago. According to the panda keeper, Meng Meng is five years old and has a good appetite now. She eats a total of 12 kg of three kinds of Bamboo leaves daily, and is quite healthy.

"We try to keep a quiet surrounding for the giant panda. As you see this is noise-proof glass. In terms of nutrition, we try to provide more kinds of bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots to ensure her nutrition," Chen Shuqing, the giant Panda keeper, said.

Meng Meng is the only female of the triplets that were born in 2014. The triplets' cartoon images appeared in 2015 in the movie "Kung Fu Panda 3". Her two brothers, "Shuai Shuai" and "Ku Ku" will be mature and ready for reproduction in two years.

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