Fitness influencer runs for positive and healthy lifestyle

Working out in the gym, cycling, running marathons, participating in trail running competitions and scuba diving are big parts of Yu Ying's life. Living in south China's Shenzhen, Yu Ying is a gym coach and also a fitness influencer.

In the beginning, Yu Ying did fitness training just to lose weight. "I started going to the gym in 2013. I worked in finance at that time and doing fitness training was just a way to keep fit," said Yu. However, after experiencing some unexpected changes in her career, she found a new direction and start a career as a fitness instructor and influencer.

Doing fitness training brought a lot of changes to Yu Ying's life. Sports not only brought her a good figure but also let her cultivate healthy habits. Seeing how she changed, her family and friends also got inspired. After witnessing her results, thanks to perseverance, everyone in her family has bought a gym membership.

Yu Ying pays much attention to her diet. "I would control the intake of oil, salt, sugar and fat in my daily diet. Most of the time, I cook chicken breasts, beef, shrimp and sole fish paired with a variety of vegetables for myself." A healthy diet and light meals have become a trend among the young generation in China. Now low-fat salads and muscle-building food can be purchased anywhere.

China's sports and fitness industry has seen growth spurts. As people enjoy better living standards, they focus more on health and self-improvement. "The passion for sports is contagious," Yu Ying said, adding she is ready to share her experience and healthy lifestyle with more and more people.