Mastering Chinese Poetry Ep. 1: Classic poem on working harder for a better life
Updated 22:40, 08-Sep-2019

Each culture is embedded with words, customs, literature, music or other patterns of expression to reflect its history. This is true about Chinese culture as well. With a history of more than 5,000 years, Chinese poetry has provided a format and a forum for both public and private expressions of deep emotions.

CGTN's special series "Mastering Chinese Poetry" prepares a list of Chinese poems that offer clues to Chinese history and culture through ancient expressions. In the first episode, we look at one of the classic poems in the history of Chinese literature: On the Stork Tower. The poem was written by Chinese poet Wang Zhihuan during the glorious age of the Tang Dynasty (618-907).  In modern times, Chinese people love to use its lines to encourage young people to work harder to have a better life.