China's major lake removes all aquaculture pens for green development
Updated 19:48, 02-Aug-2019

All the enclosures used for aquaculture have been removed from Taihu Lake, China's third-largest freshwater lake, in a move for green development, according to local authorities.

The facilities, expanding around 3,000 hectares, are mainly used for farming hairy crabs, a seasonal delicacy. The government of Suzhou ordered the removal of the nets and tools in April last year.

The local government introduced an area for "natural farming." Around 6.66 million baby crabs have been released in the area recently and authorized fishermen can capture the full-grown crabs in the autumn, according to the provincial fishing administration office.

Aquaculture using nets and pens is considered harmful for the environment as concentrated fish may bring waste, disease, and parasites.

(Cover image via VCG.)

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Source(s): Xinhua News Agency