Taiwan ex-leader Ma Ying-jeou found not guilty over leaks
Updated 12:33, 12-Jul-2019

Ma Ying-jeou, leader of southeast China's island region Taiwan from 2008 to 2016, was found not guilty in a final verdict Friday over confidential information leaks in 2013, according to local media.

The region's high court made the decision to maintain the first-instance acquittal and settled the lawsuit.

The case against Ma was filed in 2013 by Democratic Progressive Party legislator Ker Chien-ming, who was accused of improper political lobbying with then-lawmaker Wang Jin-pyng of Kuomintang.

Last year, a Taipei-based court found Ma was not guilty in 2017, however the high court sentenced him to four years in prison. The verdict was sent back for reconsideration in January. There's no possiblility to appeal after Friday's high court decision.