Ask China: Are you worried about using China's 5G technology?
Updated 12:26, 21-Jul-2019

Monaco has become the first country in Europe to be entirely covered by a 5G network based on technology from China's telecom giant Huawei. "In Monaco, 5G is the promise of a better quality of life for all and exceptional opportunities," Frederic Genta, the principality's head of digital transition said at the inauguration ceremony held on July 9.

The global pioneer in 5G technology has also partnered with many other countries besides Monaco in developing the next generation of mobile broadband technologies. As of the end of June, the company has obtained 50 commercial contracts in 30 countries regarding 5G and shipped 150,000 base stations worldwide.

With China ready to share its 5G expertise with the world, are people around the globe also prepared to embrace it? Are they worried about using China's 5G technology? Some residents in the U.S., UK, Australia, Singapore and India have shared their thoughts and also posed questions concerning the future development of 5G. Watch the video to find out more.