Lufthansa resumes Cairo flights, British Airways keeps suspension

Lufthansa resumed flying to Cairo Sunday, a day after the German airline and British Airways suspended their routes to the Egyptian capital.

Lufthansa's website shows that LH582 took off from Frankfurt after a two-hour delay and arrived in Cairo Sunday afternoon.

Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Younes Elmasry met Sunday with Sir Geoffrey Adams, British ambassador to Egypt, and both said they would work together to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

In its updated travel warning for Egypt, the British Foreign Office refers to British Airways' decision and points to an increased terrorism risk for air traffic.

British Airways. /VCG Photo

British Airways. /VCG Photo

Elmasry expressed his displeasure that British Airways had made a unilateral decision concerning the security of Egyptian airports without referring to the competent Egyptian authorities, according to the Egyptian statement. Adams apologized to the minister for not informing the Egyptian authorities beforehand.

The flight suspension has raised concerns in Egypt over potential harm to the country's vital tourism industry, which has recently shown signs of recovery after a years-long slump.

On Saturday, British Airways announced a sudden seven-day suspension to all flights to Cairo due to safety concerns. Lufthansa also canceled flights to Cairo while an evaluation of the situation was taking place, but said later that normal flights would resume on Sunday.

(Cover image via VCG)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency