China's Flora Tour: The hanging bird's-nest fern
By Zhao Ying

High in the crooks of trees, are bird's-nest ferns. The rainforest in south China's Hainan Province is humid and hot, perfect conditions for bird's-nest ferns to nestle. The emerald green fern looks like the crown of tribal chiefs and its wavy fronds can grow up to over one meter.

The "nest" in the middle can trap ample rainwater, fallen leaves and bird droppings to help it grow. It is also a fertile ground for other ferns and mosses and small animals to live. The bird's-nest fern is widely found in Asia, East Africa and Australia. 

Bird's-nest fern on the tree. /CGTN Photo

Bird's-nest fern on the tree. /CGTN Photo

China's Flora Tour

From the wetlands along the coast to the dense rainforests hidden in southwestern China, all boast an array of plant species. In this series, we will go on a tour to learn about some of the most representative flora in different provinces and see how they live in harmony with local geography and climate.

(Cover image provided by CGTN Nature film crew, designed by CGTN's Yu Peng. Video provided by CGTN Nature film crew, edited by CGTN's Zhao Ying.)

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