The Danxia Landform helps boost local tourism of NW China

The tourist industry in Zhangye City of northwest China’s Gansu Province keeps booming thanks to the unique landforms of the Danxia scenic spot.

The number of tourists at the Danxia Landform scenic spot increased sharply from 2016 to 2018, which received 1.42 million, 1.93 million and 2.32 million tourists respectively, with an average growth over 30 percent. 

A hot air balloon festival was held in the Danxia National Geological Park last Friday in Zhangye City. During the opening ceremony, 100 hot air balloon pilots from all over the country took off from three different places, and flew over the entire scenic area.

"I have been flying hot air balloons for 10 years, and I have basically flown through all parts of China. In terms of topography, Danxia is really beautiful, especially when viewed from the sky. The hills have an obvious three-dimensional view," said Yang Si, the director of a hot air balloon club. 

In addition to the hot air balloon experience, multiple activities are introduced to the scenic area this year such as camel tours and VR projects. 

With the increase of tourists, the city’s tourism industry has developed from marginal to superior. The local tourism department is also optimizing more personnel services and public facilities to provide a better experience for visitors.