Ohrid City, the most popular tourist destination in North Macedonia

Ohrid City has become North Macedonia's most popular summer tourist destination for its historical sites and beautiful scenery. 

Statistics from the local tourism department show that Ohrid received about 300,000 visitors, a quarter of the total to the republic, in 2018. 

Along the streets in the city's old town, visitors can take a look at the famous Samuel's Fortress along with unique historical buildings. Performances and activities are held in the ancient theater of Ohrid with its 2,000-year history after sunset, showcasing local culture and history. 

All of this can be experienced within a reasonable budget. 

"For a one-week trip, the total spent is around 300 to 400 euros. The ticket price for attractions range from 1.5 to three euros," said a staff member of the Ohrid tourist information office. 

Lake Ohrid is another treasure of the city, which has been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Visitors can "float" on the lake in wooden boats to enjoy the scenery.

To protect the ecological environment, local authorities have issued some restrictions on fishing for protected species in the lake. And the restaurant famous for cooking trout near the lake is limited to 2,000 dishes a year.