Cantonese opera film gets an upgrade with new technology
By Qi Jie, Yang Yan

Beijing audiences now have the opportunity to preview the first 4K panoramic Cantonese opera film, "The Legend of the White Snake." 

The film was created by the Zhujiang Film Group and Guangdong Cantonese Opera Theater. It combines the classic Chinese story with cutting-edge 4K technology with the hope that more young people will appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese operas.

"The Legend of the White Snake" tells the love story of Bai Suzhen, a snake spirit, and a man named Xu Xian. It takes place in the Song Dynasty, about 1,000 years ago. And with today's technology, audiences are once again impressed by this old-fashioned romance.

Included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritages, "The Legend of the White Snake" has been popular since the 1950s. The movie version is expected to fully illustrate the unconventional love story.

File photo of Cantonese opera "The Legend of the White Snake". /VCG Photo

File photo of Cantonese opera "The Legend of the White Snake". /VCG Photo

"It's pretty cool to tell a traditional love story using the latest 4K technology. We hope that more young people will pay attention to Chinese traditional culture," said Sun Jinhua, producer of the Cantonese opera film.

In recent years, Guangdong Province has been promoting 4K films and TV series about traditional Chinese culture, including operas and folk art. 

"The visual effects have made the martial arts on the stage more real and vivid. It's a brand new art experience. And it's a better way to spread traditional classics," said Hou Keming, a professor at the Beijing Film Academy.

Combining traditional culture with new technology can help make the classics more relevant to modern audiences.