Hongguoshu scenic area to open its first glass walkway in August

Hongguoshu scenic spot is located in Suiyang County, southwest China's Guizhou Province. 

Hongguoshu waterfall is 53 meters high and 28 meters wide. The scenic area has a limestone cave that covers 10 square kilometers and gorgeous waterfalls. The falls, which is known as "shuiliandong" in Chinese, is believed to be home to Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King, the protagonist of the Buddhist fantasy literature "Journey to the West."

The scenic spot is popular among tourists for its natural beauty and landforms.

Construction on the glass walkway that is supposed to be the newest addition to the Hongguoshu scenic area is almost completed, and it is scheduled to open in early August. 

Facility building for the 550-meter-long glass walkway started in March this year, with a total investment of about seven million yuan (around one million U.S. dollars). The walkway is the first of its kind in Suiyang County.