Art & More music competition brings Chinese and Ukrainian musicians together

International music festival competition ART & MORE held in Kiev between July 29 and 31 brought together young Ukrainian and Chinese musicians. The event was designed to support young musicians, improve the teachers' skills and strengthen international cooperation in the music field.

Ekaterina Morozova, one of the organizers, spoke highly of cooperating with China to hold the event. 

"We are very interested in cooperating with the Chinese side because our teachers and students are very much interested in the East. Some even plan to go to study in China. Therefore, there is such a strong exchange. Students come here from China; our students plan to go to China. In this way, we study (each other's) culture; it's an exchange," noted Morozova. 

The event attracted six young Chinese participants this year, who received recognition for their musical talents. 

Chinese singer Zheng Hongbin, pianists Chen Xingru and Hou Qingyang received the first nomination in the competition, and violinists Bai Jinhua and Zhao Wanchi received the third.

"The skill level of the other contestants is very high. I learned a lot," said Bai, who was on his third visit to Kiev. 

"It was interesting for me to see the level of the Chinese musicians, to get to know them. These are both interesting contacts and an opportunity to learn their level," said Rodion Morozov, who is also one of the participants of the competition. 

"This competition has been held for several years in a row. This year it was attended by about 100 people who came from around the world. [The] 45 best contestants made it to the finals which were held at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy," said Chen Yujia, one of the organizing committee members. 

The festival has been held annually since 2014, and more than 400 children and their teachers have participated.

(Cover image via VCG)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency