China, Laos organize training course on bamboo weaving

The Chinese Cultural Center in Laos along with the Lao Handicraft Association have organized a training course on bamboo weaving techniques, knowledge and culture.

As an event to promote the Visit Laos-China Year 2019 campaign, three professional bamboo weavers from China's Sichuan Province have been invited to deliver the course.

The course launched from Saturday to Friday in Nabone Village, Phonhong District of Vientiane Province, with 36 trainees across the country participating, including students from the National University of Laos.

A closing ceremony and a works exhibition of the trainees were held Friday at the Lao Women Training Center of the National Lao Women Union in capital Vientiane after six days of intensive training.

Bamboo products can be found everywhere in Lao people's daily life, for which the Chinese Cultural Center in Laos invited the three Chinese bamboo artisans to share their knowledge with local bamboo artisans.

During the training, the bamboo masters gave a presentation about Chinese bamboo weaving art and techniques, as well as shape designs, craft types, among others. They also shared information on techniques used to expand the market in China's bamboo industry.

With this event, Lao and Chinese bamboo artisans had the opportunity to exchange knowledge. The organizer told Xinhua on Saturday that they hoped this will support the development of the Lao bamboo handicraft sector and the creation of more sophisticated products, which will increase their incomes and enrich the content of tourism in Laos.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency