Wild elephant wanders into SW China town

A wild elephant that wandered into a town in southwest China's Yunnan Province, has caught the attention of local people on August 4.

The wild elephant was first spotted near Mengla Farm last Friday. On Sunday morning, it ventured temporarily into the urban areas. 

To ensure the safety of both the residents and the elephant, the local authorities immediately arranged clearing the area and closing relevant roads. Drones were also used to track and monitor the elephant.

Wild elephants in Yunnan Province. /VCG Photo

Wild elephants in Yunnan Province. /VCG Photo

"The wild elephant was moving near Manzhang Village the night before yesterday, and we arranged police forces to tail it. It came somewhere near Naxi Road behind the Mengla County government at 7:00 this morning. Right now, it is looking for food in the forest behind me. We have evacuated the nearby residents, and arranged police forces on the entrance and exit of the road to ensure the safety of people," said Zhu Jiandong, deputy director of Mengla County's Forest Public Security Bureau. 

The wild elephant was still wandering around near the county town as of noon yesterday. The police staff have been keeping close track of its whereabouts. So far, no clash between the elephant and humans has been reported. 

(Cover image via screenshot)

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