Top theater launches exhibition of opera films across China
Updated 23:01, 08-Aug-2019
By Wang Wei

The National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing is undertaking a new initiative to bring high art to a wider audience, lifting the curtain on an exhibition of opera films in 10 major cities across China.

The 2019 International Opera Film Exhibition is offering audiences a unique experience of imagery and music. The main attraction is "The Dawns Here Are Quiet," produced by the exhibition's organizer. It was made in 4K format with the latest filmmaking technologies.

Its director Wang Xiaoying noted the advantages of film over stage presentation. 

"As a medium, film has a special advantage in presenting opera. You can offer the audience a wide variety of angles and perspectives. You can get very intimate close-ups of human faces as well as sweeping grand views. On the other hand, the blend of imagery and music promises endless opportunities for me to explore. It's a wonderful experience," Wang said.

Stage still of "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" /Photo courtesy of the National Centre for the Performing Arts

Stage still of "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" /Photo courtesy of the National Centre for the Performing Arts

Over the next three months, the exhibition will offer a stellar series of opera films to audiences in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu, among other Chinese cities.

Besides "The Dawns Here Are Quiet," the exhibition will also feature big screen productions, all created by the world’s top theaters and institutions. They include New York's Metropolitan Opera, London's Royal Opera House, and the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater. 

Zhao Jiachen, vice president of the National Centre For the Performing Arts, said: “The production and exhibition of these opera films are great for introducing both mediums to a wider audience. These films have made high art more accessible. Also, the program has helped strengthen our exchanges with other theaters around the world. It's a great platform for dialogue."

The International Opera Film Exhibition is expected to stage 420 screenings of 14 opera films.