HK condemns violent acts after police officer sustains burns from petrol bomb
Updated 15:19, 12-Aug-2019

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government delivered strong condemnation regarding Sunday's illegal protests in the city, which saw rioters attacking police. The government spokesperson on Monday said they will bring those illegal protesters to justice.

In Tsim Sha Tsui, one officer sustained burns on both legs after being hit by a petrol bomb. And near Cheung Sha Wan, another officer was injured while chasing a bomb thrower. 

Protesters and police clash in Hong Kong, China. /AP Photo

Protesters and police clash in Hong Kong, China. /AP Photo

"While we were dispersing the protesters, they threw petrol bombs at us. They didn't hit us directly. After we moved in to arrest them, my right knee hit something hard and I felt intense pain," one police officer said via phone.

"The protesters are trying all possible means to destroy public facilities and attack the police."

The increasingly violent demonstrations have pushed the city toward what the SAR government calls "an extremely dangerous edge," and government officials are "outraged" by such behavior. 

"We are outraged by the violent protesters' behaviors which showed a total disregard of the law, posing a serious threat to the safety of police officers and other members of the public," the government spokesperson said.

The government also called for the public to say no to violence and help the government restore order in society as soon as possible.

(Cover: A Hong Kong police officer sustains burns on both legs after petrol bombs are thrown to the police line during Sunday's protests in Hong Kong, China. /Hong Kong police via Facebook)