HK police on airport violence: Officer drawing pistol is correct and lawful
Updated 21:01, 14-Aug-2019

Hong Kong police have strongly condemned the radical protests staged on Tuesday at the Hong Kong International Airport, vowing to strictly enforce the law and fully investigate the illegal violent actions. 

Assaulting people and blocking rescue work at the airport are "extremely violent acts," Hong Kong police said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Accusations that police officers were trying to kill protesters are groundless, said Assistant Commissioner of Police Mak Chin-ho, adding that an officer who was caught on camera drawing his pistol did the right thing.

"A police officer tried to pursue violent protesters but he was cornered and beaten up. His baton and pepper spray were taken away," Mak told the reporters. 

"When his life was at risk, he had to draw his pistol to protect himself," he stressed.

An officer drawing his pistol to protect himself is "100 percent correct, lawful and rational," he added.

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