'Back to Play': Beijing Toy Show concludes
Updated 22:58, 20-Aug-2019
By Ding Siyue

China's largest event on art toys has just concluded over the weekend and it's time to bring out your inner child. Themed "Back to Play", this year's Beijing Toy Show drew more than 300 famous artists and brands from over a dozen countries and regions.

Visitors could interact with their favorite cartoon characters, get toys autographed by their designers, and even witness how a character is born.

Art toy designer Ayan said, "In the past, we don't have art toy shows like this. Even if we have shown, it was only for a small crowd. So many designers don't have the chance to introduce their works to many people. The Beijing Toy Show gives designers a platform to showcase their works.”

"We are very happy to meet those people in the show who love our works, which give us the impetus to work harder to create more products, and this in a way will boost the development of the whole industry," Ayan added. 

The three-day show attracted over 30,000 visitors. Many popular brands were there, including Molly, Pucky and Dimoo. The show featured nearly 1,000 limited editions and most sold out within minutes.  

Fans lined up to buy their favorites. Some had wait for hours before the sale started. One visitor said, "I started to love cartoons and ACG (anime, comics and video games) culture when I was I kid. I enjoy attending these kinds of toy shows. I like the atmosphere here and I can buy some limited editions I can't find online."  

"I've collected over 200 toys now. I just feel like they are very cute. I also meet many new friends in collecting these toys, you know, when exchanging and sharing them," said another visitor. 

Art toys, also known as trend toys or designer toys, are meant for adults, with a collection value produced by certain creative ideas and sculpture carriers. In its third year, the Beijing Toy Show is the largest of its kind in China. 

Organizers say they want to gather all the best artists in this field to let visitors experience the charm of the toys to the fullest.  

The pop-culture trend of art toys has been developing and maturing in recent years. The Show also provides a platform for artists to share and exchange ideas, to advance the industry together. 

As a new form of art, toys are attracting more and more followers, especially young people. Organizers say they believe the toy show will be even larger in the future.