'Heaven lake' pours down from the top of a volcano

Tianchi, the Chinese name for "heaven lake", sits on top of a dormant volcano on Changbai Mountain in northeastern China's Jilin Province. In summer, the snow from the peak melts into the crater lake, and the fresh water is considered to be bluer than sky, thus the name "heaven lake".


The northern, southern, and western parts of the lake lie within the Chinese border, and the eastern part in the DPRK. It is the deepest mountain lake in the world, with a maximum depth of 373 meters. On the northern side, there is a small opening allowing the water of Tianchi to pour down and turn into the Changbai waterfall, which is 68 meters high. 

Watch this video to check out more about the breathtaking beauty of Tianchi and the Changbai waterfall.

(Cover image and video provided by CGTN Nature's film crew.)

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