China-made jetliner makes maiden landing at Beijing's new airport

For the first time, a China-made civil aircraft has landed at the newly-built Beijing Daxing International airport since its completion in June. 

On Monday, China's self-developed ARJ21 jetliner completed its first test flight together with four other planes at the world's largest airport that is set to open by the end of September. 

It departed from southwest China's Chengdu City, and touched down safely at the Daxing Airport just over two hours later.  

"I feel very proud as a pilot flying a passenger jet manufactured independently by China and landing at the Daxing Airport," said Zha Guangyi, captain of the ARJ21.  

After the plane landed, it completed a series of test exercises.  

"We flew to Daxing Airport as part of the newly-built airport's second-stage of flight tests. We mainly undertake tests such as simulated low visibility flights, de-icing drills, airport catering and sewage disposal, among others," he introduced.  

The ARJ21 will complete all the tests on Tuesday, and then fly back to Chengdu, according to Zha.