Heading to the top of Dingdu Pavilion in Beijing

West of Beijing's Tian'anmen Square is Dingdu Peak. Open to the public in May 2013, the pavilion is a showcase of traditional Chinese architecture. 

Dingdu Pavilion echoes the Tongzhou Grand Canal at the eastern end of Chang'an Avenue, and is a popular place to get a view of the capital.  

There are other famous scenic spots in surrounding areas, such as Tanzhe Temple and Jietai Temple with nearly 1,000 years of history. 


Location: Dingdufeng, Tanzhe Temple Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

Transportation: Take subway line 1 to the western end station Pingguoyuan, then take bus No. 931 or 981 and get off at the stop of Fengcun.

Entrance fee: 50 yuan

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m.