70 Years Inherited: Sewing the good old time

Li Hong, 67, lives in Dalian City, northeast China's Liaoning Province. The retiree's happy family includes a 70-year-old sewing machine. The patterns on the "antique" machine have faded with age. The economy was far less developed in Li's childhood, and the sewing machine was a valuable item. Li grew up in a poor family with many children to raise. His mother worked in a factory during the day and moonlighted as a seamstress. The machine cost a year's saving for the family. With the help of the sewing machine, Li's family made it through tough times. His mother made lots of clothes for relatives and friends for extra money. After Li got married in 1980, his wife gradually took over making clothes for the family. For Li and his family, this sewing machine is not obsolete. It is more than an old item in the house, it's a wordless witness of history. With 70 years of beautiful memories, it sews and records the happiness of old times.