Chinese views on British food
By Wang Xiying
British fish and chips. /VCG Photo

British fish and chips. /VCG Photo

Chinese dishes are getting more and more popular in the UK, so much so that there are now different kinds of Chinese restaurants in almost every British city. But how about the other way around? Can you find good Cornish pasties or fish and chips in China's capital? And if so, do locals like them? CGTN hit the streets of Beijing to seek the views of residents.

Many told CGTN they have never tried British food in Beijing and they have no idea if there are any special dishes in the UK. Asked about the reason, a man surnamed Bi said that he and his girlfriend don't have Western food a lot, because people from northern China usually prefer spicy and salty food or that have a strong flavor. Zhang Shuo was one of the few interviewees who have tried the famous British fish and chips in Beijing, but he found the taste "weird" and not his type.

Wang Qin is a big fan of Costa coffee, a well-known British brand. She said Costa coffee tastes so much better than Starbucks. And she thinks more and more Chinese people are getting used to having coffee daily.

Fang Yu fancies British desserts like scones which she sometimes has for breakfast. But while studying in the UK, she noticed that local people ate a lot of biscuits and chocolates and similar foods with lots of calories. They are cheaper than vegetables and meats, and, in her view, contribute to obesity in the UK.

British food is not that popular in China as expected, and a journalist from London said maybe that's because the British dishes in China are not very "British." Taking fish and chips as an example, he said fish and chips should be cooked with fresh, not frozen, codfish.