China backs its Lithuanian envoy over role in unpatriotic acts

It is totally understandable for oversea Chinese citizens to express their condemnations against those actions that split their home country and harm their country's reputation, said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang, while delivering hope for those abroad to abide by local laws and express patriotism in a rational fashion.

Geng made the remarks during a regular press conference on Tuesday when asked if the Chinese ambassador to Lithuania has obstructed some locals' rallying for the recent Hong Kong protests, during which offensive weapons and explosive materials have been used by some radical protesters.

"Regarding the situation in Lithuania... I can tell you that the Chinese diplomats there have been fulfilling their jobs based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. They have not violated local laws," Geng said.

China urges related country to respect and understand oversea Chinese's legal actions while preserving their legal rights, Geng stressed.

The spokesman also added that China hoped any patriotism could be shown in a "rational way".