Live: Campus Crawl – Yunnan University

Yunnan University is located in Kunming, Yunnan Province in southwest China.

Its campus features stunning scenery with an array of flowers that perfume its beautiful gardens and decorate its college halls all year round. Apart from its breathtaking landscapes and cool climate, the university is famous for its ethnology and anthropology studies, as Yunnan Province has the largest number of ethnic groups in China.

In this episode, CGTN’s Campus Crawlers Liu Chen and Oscar Margain tour Yunnan University’s two major campuses - Donglu Campus and Chenggong Campus, which are 40 kilometers apart.

Learn about the history behind century-old school buildings, discover the unique campus cuisine featuring dishes made out of rose petals, and hear from students, professors and staff about what it’s like to live in Kunming and why many choose to study at Yunnan University. 


About 'Campus Crawl'

"Campus Crawl" is a series of livestreams that will journey to some of the most beautiful educational institutions and their signature campus buildings. Besides taking a look at their architecture, the series will explore the positive impact those institutions have had on the world.

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