70 Years Inherited: China's slow trains connect mountains, cities
Updated 17:01, 08-Sep-2019

As China invests heavily in high-speed trains, the traditional, slow and usually green trains remain a mainstay in parts of China. From Baoji City to Guangyuan City, train No. 6063 runs across Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan provinces, in a journey spanning 350 kilometers. Its highest speed is 70km/h. There are 38 stations along the way. It takes 21.5 yuan to travel the entire route length, and one yuan for any trip within 20 kilometers.

"China needs high-speed trains, and our green trains too," says Xiang Baolin, conductor of train No. 6063 for the Baoji-Chengdu Railway. The 54-year-old man has served the railway system for 32 years.