Chinese residents engage in increasingly diverse leisure activities

Chinese urban and rural residents are engaging in increasingly diverse leisure activities, according to a recent report released by the China Tourism Academy.

Based on a survey of 10 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the report on residents' recreation development pointed out that consumption-based leisure activities are the primary choice of urban and rural residents, accounting for 40 percent of the total options. These include shopping, dining and beauty treatments.

Travel has become a major option for recreation, with around 30 percent of respondents choosing to travel in their spare time. The proportion of medium- and short-distance trips has risen markedly, the report said.

CGTN Infographic

CGTN Infographic

Cultural, sports and fitness activities are also indispensable parts of residents' recreation, accounting for 20 percent of the leisure activities of urban residents.

Meanwhile, the report noted that urban and rural residents still lack leisure time, with only two to four hours of daily leisure time on average. More than one third of surveyed urban residents work for over nine hours on weekdays.

The report suggested more efforts be put to ensure paid vacation and improve the quality of recreation.

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Source(s): Xinhua News Agency