Ethiopian Day held at the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Expo
Liu Hongcai

September 6 is the day that Ethiopians start preparations for their New Year. And here in Beijing, the date was marked as Ethiopian Day at the International Horticultural Exhibition. 

In the Guirui Theater of the 2019 Beijing Expo, the Ethiopian Day opened with a new year celebration song from the north of Ethiopia, called "Chembelala." With traditional dynamic Ethiopian music and dances, visitors have been immersed in this unique culture. Many agreed that the performances for the Ethiopian Day are really rich. And performers are really free, open and impassioned. 

On the Ethiopian Day, each visitor has been given a rose grown in Ethiopia and a scarf decorated with symbols from the country's culture. Organizers said these gifts are given to increase understanding of Ethiopia and bring people of the two countries together.  

“The rose is clearly meant to show to you all that what kind of agriculture growing in Ethiopia. And of course, we are entering into a new year, present the flower for welcoming the new year. It’s sign of happiness, sign of love, sign of togetherness,” said Teshome Toga Chanka, the Ethiopian Ambassador to China.

Ethiopia's horticultural exhibits at the expo include coffee and flowers. Ethiopia is believed to be the original home of coffee and coffee is a part of the country's social fabric. Ethiopia expects its horticultural cooperation with China to grow. 

Meanwhile, Ethiopian officials said their country has a lot of potential for more agribusiness, and more room for cooperation with China not only in agriculture, but also tourism.