More than 7,000 athletes to attend China's 11th Ethnic Games in Zhengzhou

Over 7,000 athletes from 34 delegations around China will attend the 11th Chinese Ethnic Games in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, an Organizing Committee spokesperson confirmed on Saturday.

Competitors from 56 ethnic groups have registered to participate. A dozen arenas and gyms will host 17 traditional sports including 140 full events and 194 exhibition events during the 9-day Games beginning on September 8.

China's Ethnic Games aims to promote harmony among China's different ethnic groups and was first held in 1953.

"The Ethnic Games provides a platform for everybody to understand different cultures," said Yang Wenwu, an athlete representing Yunnan Province.

The Chinese 11th Ethnic Games are scheduled to run through September 16, and are being held in Henan Province for the first time this year.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency