70 Years Inherited: The No. 49 bus in Shanghai

Liu Changyan is a driver on the No.49 bus. His father used to be a ticket seller on this bus. When Liu was young, he took the No.49 bus on time after school every day. Sitting in the back of the bus, he read books quietly and enjoyed the beautiful night view outside the window. They went home together after his father got off work; Hankou Road, People’s Square for Tumor Hospital, Shanghai Indoor Stadium. They were familiar with every site along the bus line. No.49 is a popular bus line in Shanghai. Since 1956, it has been operating with a Dodge bus, a Skoda 706RTO diesel bus, a Volvo ultra-long bus and other vehicles. Now, No.49 bus is equipped with the latest automatic gasoline engine with a car camera, GPS and air conditioning. The "superbus" has always been at the forefront of the times. With the development of the subway transportation, the passenger load of Shanghai buses has decreased a lot. The route of the No.49 bus spans the new and old urban areas, passing through many scenic spots and ancient buildings. Therefore, the bus is still popular with tourists and foreigners. The crew of the No.49 bus have always insisted on high standards of service. “We have a catchword: For our passengers, we must work hard every day.”