Shanghai Guyi Garden is ready to open at night
By Qi Jie

After three years of special renovations, the massive Guyi Garden on the outskirts of Shanghai is ready to welcome visitors back at nighttime. 

The garden is said to be a must for lovers of Chinese classical gardens, and its new features make it even more distinctive. 

When night falls, the elegant lights outline the ridges, cornices and tiles of the ancient buildings in Guyi Garden. The reflections on the lake blend harmoniously with the quietness of the night, or simply put, combining the virtual with the real. 

The Guyi Garden in Shanghai /VCG Photo

The Guyi Garden in Shanghai /VCG Photo

"Considering the unique features of classical gardens – elegant and serene – we used much warmer shades of light to highlight the overall outline of the ancient buildings in the garden," said Cheng Ling, the engineer working for the renovation of the Guyi Garden. 

The garden used to be only open at night during Lantern Festivals. Now, starting with this weekend's Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors can enjoy the garden view until eight o'clock. 

And here's a tip if you go during the Mid-Autumn Festival: visitors wearing traditional Chinese outfits can enter for free.