Shanghai Disney Resort adopts new rules on outside food

The wrestling between Shanghai Disney Resort and tourists over the outside food ban has a new sequel.

The resort revealed a more detailed rule, which was put into effect on Wednesday, allowing tourists to bring food and drinks to the Shanghai Disney Resort. However, those which need heating or reheating, processing, cold storage and thermal insulation, as well as food with pungent smells are on the forbidden list. 

Shanghai Disney Resort. /VCG Photo

Shanghai Disney Resort. /VCG Photo

In a more detailed version, some specific food categories were included in the ban. For example, instant noodles, portable hot pot, watermelon, durian, and stinky tofu are all forbidden.

Tourists could bring bottled water and beverages to the resort, and drinkable water will be provided in the resort for free. But alcohol, canned drinks, and glass containers are forbidden.

According to the new rules, tourists are allowed to eat in the designated areas, but they need to abide by the garbage sorting standards.

Compared to the previous controversial rule, which banned all outside food, most tourists seem to tolerate and understand the new one.

Durian. /VCG Photo

Durian. /VCG Photo

“We’ve already learned about the new rule allowing us to bring some food, which is pretty good. I brought bread today, because I want to spend more time touring instead of having dinner,” said Wang from Xiamen.

Meanwhile, bag checks for tourists are still in place. As reported by The Paper, tourists need to open their luggage at the entrance and show the contents to the security staff.

“I think the security check is necessary, in case some might bring weapons to the resort,” a tourist said.

The resort also provides luggage storage service, charging 10 yuan (1.41 U.S. dollars) or 80 yuan (11.24 U.S. dollars) per day for each piece of luggage, according to their size.

According to Shanghai media reports, security inspection equipment, including a X-ray security screening system, will also be introduced in the future.