Desert lies side by side with oasis
Chen Chen

Northwest China's Gansu Province has a large area covered in barren desert.

In Duobagou town of Kazak Autonomous County of Aksay in the province's northwest, a desert lies by the side of the town's only river.

Here, clusters of reeds grow by the river side, all the way to the edge of the desert.

Some trees are tough enough to grow onto the sand hill, adding a touch of green into the otherwise desolate and dry land.

Series Introduction:

Qilian Mountains – a world unto itself

Qilian Mountains are part of a critical mountain range in northwest China, home to numerous animals and plants that the country considers as treasure.

In this series, CGTN Nature's crew takes you on a journey into the mountains, valleys, and deserts... letting you experience the true Qilian, a landscape different than any other. 

(All images by CGTN's Chen Chen)

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