The Faces: 'The company is my second family'
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Close cooperation on infrastructure, economy and technology between China and its partner nations has thrived dramatically since the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013.

Thanks to these deepening ties, more foreigners realize the value of working in Chinese companies.

CGTN is sharing the personal stories of seven employees who work in Chinese companies in their native countries.

In the sixth episode of "The Faces," Tereghla Abdallah, from China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Corporation Limited (CCFED), shares his story of being a secretary at the construction site of the Algeria North-South Expressway project. 

Part of the Algeria North-South Expressway Project finished and opened to traffic, May 20, 2016. /Xinhua Photo

Part of the Algeria North-South Expressway Project finished and opened to traffic, May 20, 2016. /Xinhua Photo

The 53-kilometer expressway crosses the Atlas Mountains, passes through the dangerous Chiffa Valley and then through the National Forest Geopark. It is the largest infrastructure project so far in Algeria. The project features Algeria's longest highway tunnel, the maximum longitudinal gradient highway bridge and the highest side slope.

The is designed to enhance economic exchanges between the country's southern and northern regions.

Abdallah has been working for this project for more than five years. His main responsibility is to manage the Algerian staff there, which includes everything ranging from updating the employees' information to injury for dealing with labor disputes. 

Construction underway on May 16, 2016. /Xinhua Photo

Construction underway on May 16, 2016. /Xinhua Photo

Besides his duties, Abdallah is always ready to help others, even if something beyond his responsibility. For instance, he often helps colleagues to visit the doctor once they get ill or injured; or when the electric circuit breaks down, he communicates with the power supply bureau, etc.

Abdallah said he declined some better-paid offers from other companies as he loves working with diligent Chinese people and that he has a deep interest in Chinese culture. 

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